Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Going on a Mouse Hunt...

We're going on a Mouse hunt...
We're gonna catch a cute one!
I'm not afraid
Are you?
Not me!

Okay.. major flashback to being a Girl Scouts Brownie there! :) Except, of course, in the original song we would be hunting bears and catching big ones... But that just isn't as fun, is it?

Ready to be jealous? This particular Mouse-addict is headed to the Mouse's House in exactly 24 days (but who's counting?!). Everything is planned, scheduled and set up - hooray!
It may seem strange for someone so addicted (dare I say, obsessed) with Disney and Mickey to feel this way, but I'm actually worried about ODing on Disney during this trip. It's only been a year since my last visit, and I've never been in consecutive years before. We're also staying for a whopping EIGHT days, whereas last year's 5 day trip was the longest I've ever spent in the World.

So, to help nip boredom in the bud, I've come up with a few silly things to keep us busy on our trip. Keep in mind, we're two adults (albeit kids at heart) with no kiddos to keep track of or entertain. Just two big kids looking for ways to be even sillier than normal on vacation.

1) Flat Pidge. 
Everyone knows about Flat Stanley and his travels through Kindergarten classes all over. But we're going to print off/draw a picture of our kitty, Pidge and take pictures of him is silly places in Disney! Maybe surrounded by Mickey Mouse stuffed toys, or riding on Dumbo.
We pretty much have the coolest cat in the world (I'm not even kidding) so it seems fit he should get to "see" Disney as well.
2) Scavenger Hunt.
What better way to explore more of the hidden gems in the parks than to go hunting for them! We'll have a book with all different items to find and take photos with/of. I'm really excited about this one... here's a few ideas so far:
-Find a cast member from Chicago
-Find "x" number of Hidden Mickeys
-Be the only passengers on a Bus
-Dance with a princess/character
-Photo with "x" celebrity's hand prints @ Hollywood Studios
-Take a photo in every country in Epcot's World Showcase with a silly hat or item
Want to plan your own Scavenger Hunt? Check out this topic on the DisBoards!

Its just a start - but we're both excited about it. Yes, even Mr. I-don't-get-excited perked up when I told him these ideas.
Plus, we already have about half a million photos of us in front of all the various landmarks and such. It'll be way more fun to share these off the wall photos - not to mention how much more exciting it will be for folks LOOKING at the pictures!

Yay! I will surely post pictures of the scavenger hunt cards/book once they're created. If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments below - I'll be sure to include them in the book, AND I will post the resulting photo after the trip for you to see. :)

Have a Magical day, today!


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