Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mickey Mail! °o°

As if planning a trip to Disney World weren't exciting enough, the folks at Disney know how to help you build even more excitement leading up to your trip. They do this with...
Mickey Mail!

At about 30 days out from your trip (basically, once Disney has your full vacation payment safely deposited) you start to receive these wonderfully colorful THICK envelopes packed with information about your upcoming trip!

The first pack you receive contains all of your Disney's Magical Express information if you are partaking in this service (which we are!).
The next envelope is all of your reservation details and luggage tags. There are also a few pages of coupons for restaurants and activities in Downtown Disney and other places around the Disney area (water sports, mini golf, etc).

Today we received our third (and fourth) piece of Mickey Mail:
So exciting! I love all the silly characters riding the monorail - Stitch just cracks me up! :)
The top (monorail-themed) envelope gives us ideas to help enhance our celebration - which happens to be our 4th Anniversary for this trip! There are suggestions from the Disney Florists for in-room celebrations, as well as ideas of where to eat dinner (even though all of our dining reservations have been made for WEEKS)!

The bottom, red envelope is our customized maps. I order these before every trip, partially because I just like getting the big envelope of them in the mail. We never USE the customized maps, and they end up in the "Disney Vacation Memories" box in the closet... but I still order them.
I'm very disappointed in the maps this time around, though. They still include Mickey's ToonTown Faire, even though it has been closed and demolished for quite some time now! C'mon Disney, keep up with yourself, will ya?

Three weeks from today our magical Anniversary Celebration kicks off, and it certainly can't get here soon enough!
Don't forget to help us plan our Photo Scavenger Hunt here! Any suggestions WILL make it into the hunt, and those photos will be shared - the sillier the better ;)

Have a Magical day, today!

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