Friday, April 8, 2011

The Mouse is Everywhere!

As everything gets situated here, I'd like to share some of my favorite Disney related websites to tide any fellow Mouse-Addicts over... :)

Dis Boards 
A HUGE community of like-minded Disney Freaks :) There are message boards and discussions on any topic related to Disney that you can imagine - from the movies to the parks. There's even a live chat every night, podcasts, helpful planning information and TONS more. Basically your one-stop-shop for all things Disney.

Disney Parks Blog
The Official Disney Parks Blog - the most reliable source to Disney news and updates. Fun posts throughout the days/weeks with photos, sneak peeks and more.
(Plus, you're just one click away from planning your next vacation since you're already on the Disney site!)

MouseWorld Radio
Continuously streams music from Disney World - background music, queue music, ride/show tracks. Better yet, its a FREE service (there's a few ads, of course)

Unofficial Guide to Disney World
Companion website to the Unofficial Guide books - access to Disney World and Disneyland information. This site also provides crowd level predictions based on hotel occupancy and historical data. Great for planning which parks to visit on which days.
My biggest beef with them is that they ALWAYS suggest you avoid a park on Extra Magic Hours days, but I always take advantage of the bonus time in the parks!

Imagine Facebook only for Disney lovers and you have D-Cot. Relatively new on the scene, so there isn't a lot of traffic to the site just yet, but it is building. You can post photos, share thoughts, join groups with discussion pages and link up with your friends.
They also offer FREE Disney World music - their collection is a little limited, but you can choose which song is played.

Have a Magical Day, today!

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