Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopaholics & Mouseaholics -

Welcome to the first Disney Shopping entry on this blog!
The goal is to make this a regular installment to showcase some fun, different Disney items that are for sale around the internet. Be sure to check some of these items out, and maybe add them to your wish lists for any upcoming holidays, birthdays or just-because! :)

Today's focus is on - Etsy is a community and a marketplace for all things handmade (as well as supplies for making all the wonderful items for sale on the site). There are literally MILLIONS of items for sale on Etsy, and sometimes you feel like you're fishing for a needle in a haystack - totally overwhelming. Here's a few items I've found that I absolutely love:

Minnie Mouse Lampwork Bookmark - 

Gorgeous Lampwork Glass Sterling Silver

JKSDesigns has beautiful lampwork glass pieces in her shop, and occasionally will throw a Mickey or Minnie Mouse item up for sale! In fact, the other author of this blog (who hasn't yet made her debut) received one of JKSDesigns' keychains for Christmas from yours truly - It was beautiful work.
JKSDesigns is based out of Sydney, Australia

Alice in Wonderland Large, 

Swarovski Crystal Flower Headband

Glamour Puss Couture's jewelry and accessories is sure to put a smile on your face. Seriously, if you're having a bad day, just go look at her shop! She uses trinkets and toys and turns them into beautiful pieces of statement jewelry - fun for kids and adults. These headbands are stunningly beautiful - I only wish to be trendy or bold enough to pull one off. I've gotten to know Miss Glamour over the past several months and she appears to be just as fun as the pieces she sells!
Glamour Puss Couture is based out of North Port, Florida

Mickey Mouse Handmade Disney Party 

Cupcake Toppers, Set of 12

It's been brought to my attention that a cupcake is no longer complete without a festive Cupcake Topper stuck in it! And Pinky Crafts is the place to get them. This paperworking artist can help you with all of your party planning needs - Cupcake Toppers, Wine Glass Tags, and even Scrapbook Pages to remember the event! Miss Pinky is another one of the wonderful gals I've been lucky enough to get to know over the past few months, and I'm glad to be able to say that!
Pinky Crafts is based out of Portland, Oregon

Disney Characters Pony O 

Hair Streamer

Little Princess Pea makes adorable and affordable bows, clips and pony-o's. But that's not all - she's also talented enough to make beautiful cards, as well! This Pony-O would be perfect for your little princess to wear during a hot Florida day while exploring Disney World. She also has some great Chicago Blackhawks bows, which the hockey fan in me is partial to!
Little Princess Pea is based out of Naperville, IL

We hope you enjoyed this installment of Shopaholics & Mouseaholics! Please feel free to post your favorite Disney themed items you've found on in the comments below.
Happy Shopping!!


  1. Thank you for including me in your really awesome Disney Blog!

  2. No problem, Denise! :) I just adore your headbands and was excited to get to feature them! <3

  3. I love Disney!!!! Thanks for featuring my cupcake toppers! I'm planning a birthday trip down to Disneyland in October and I can't wait! :)

  4. Pinky that's so awesome! I can't wait to hear all about it! Its so fun discovering that people you know are Disney lovers :)

  5. Your Etsy pics are so adorable!

  6. Thanks! There were so many others I wanted to share... Everything Disney is just too dang cute, isn't it?
    PS - Tigger is my #2 favorite! Haha <3

  7. Thanks for including my Disney Pony-o. Super great items here!

  8. Anne, Thanks for stopping by! I'm half tempted to get a Blackhawks pony-o for myself for when we go to the games ;)