Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - The big list!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - been busy getting ready for the upcoming trip! Only five more days until we arrive in the Mouse's House!

Previously, I mentioned a photo scavenger hunt idea for our upcoming trip. I've been really excited about this project! First of all, its helped kill some time before we leave. It's also set us up for great photos and some silly memories that we'll remember forever!
As promised, here is the full list of items we are hunting for. We still have a few blank pages in our book, so throw some ideas out and they'll be added!

  • Find a Cast member from Chicago
  • Find another couple celebrating their anniversary
  • High-five 5 different cast members
  • Find someone with a first visit button
  • Find someone with a birthday button
  • Take THREE in-ride photos at Magic Kingdom*
  • Find FIFTEEN hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom
  • Make a wish at the Castle wishing well
  • Try to remove Sword in the Stone
  • Silly hat photo in each of the 6 lands in Magic Kingdom
  • Take THREE in-ride photos at Epcot*
  • Find TEN hidden Mickeys in Epcot
  • Take a photo with a Flag in each country of World Showcase
  • Find the Pickle Tree in Epcot
  • Take THREE in-ride photos at Animal Kingdom*
  • Find TWELVE hidden Mickeys in Animal Kingdom
  • Take THREE in-ride photos at Hollywood Studios*
  • Find TEN hidden Mickey's in Hollywood Studios
  • Find Spock's handprints outside the theater
  • Sing in the Rain @ Hollywood Studios
  • Show off drawings from Animation Academy
  • Climb on a Giant Bug @ Hollywood Studios
  • Pull the rope in the well by Indiana Jones Show
  • Dance with any Character
  • Minnie & Mickey's Autographs
  • Dance with a Princess
  • Spot the Tron-o-Rail (TRON themed Monorail)
  • Take a picture with a Friendship Boat Captain
  • Be alone on a Disney Bus
  • Take a picture with Disney Bus Driver
  • Find anything with HOCKEY on it
  • Find FIVE hidden Mickeys at Coronado Springs
  • Alphabet game! Find an item/sign/etc that starts with each letter of the alphabet
*All in-ride photos must follow posted rules! Take the photo on outdoor rides, or without the flash!

As you can see, we're seriously lacking in Animal Kingdom photo ideas!! Hopefully someone can help us out with that. Either way, super excited to see what pictures result from these ideas. I'm not expecting ALL of them to be completed, but hopefully we have fun and get into it!

What do you do to shake things up on your vacations?


  1. Wow that's quite a list! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Have fun !

  2. I know, right? Figuring we won't do then all so wanted to have alot of options :)

  3. Awesome!!! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    I put together something like this the last time I went to Disney with my family..