Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First live check in!

Its the night before our trip and everything is set and ready to go! Well, except that Bob has yet to pack (only 8 1/2 hours before we leave, buddy!).
Aside from packing and dealing with all this excitement, I had to create our "flat pidge" to make the trip with us. Look for a photo below of the cute little guy!

I will try to check in with photos and such during the next 9 days... Pretty excited about it!
Feel free to ask questions or suggest "flat pidge" photo ideas in the comments below!

Have a magical night! °o°


  1. Have a wonderful trip!!!!My DH is a last minute packer and it always amazes me:)Looking forward to your pics!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to start snapping the pics!
    Sometimes I wonder how these guys survive haha