Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The hunt for Disney's Magical Express

We are safely in Orlando! Super tired after not getting much sleep last night or on the plane, but definitely on the Disney high!

The monorail-shuttle told us to proceed to baggage claim A, and instead of checking my travel binder we just followed the directions & crowd like good little lemmings... Of course we then found out we had to be on the opposite side of the airport! Oops!

Luckily, we are both in vacation mode and didnt get upset! Just laughed and turned around to head back.

Got to the Magical Express line eventually to be greeted by the best smiling faces! Only waited a few minutes before getting on the bus, and sounds like we are about ready to get on our way to Coronado Springs in just a few.

The music from the Electrical Parade was playing when we boarded and I most definitely hummed along with it! Bob looked at me like I was loosing it... Ha!

Well, bus driver Tito says its time to roll... So away we go!!

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